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The Somerset Bridle Path Association

  Established in 1961, the Somerset Bridle Path Association (SBPA) is a private non-profit organization of horse enthusiasts who reside or board in Bedminster, NJ and surrounding Somerset Hills.


SBPA provides access to an extensive network of riding trails throughout the Bedminster area.

SBPA provides access to a network of riding trails throughout the Bedminster area, and active negotiations are ongoing in an effort to expand this network. Our goal is to help keep this land open so that riders can continue to have use of these beautiful trails. Since many of the trails are located on private property, we have been fortunate to have many of them generously opened by their owners to members of SBPA. 


We respect the landowners and their land.

One of the purposes of the SBPA is to educate riders of the proper use of the trails and to respect landowners. We have adopted our Rules of Conduct to serve as a guideline for respectful trail riding and respond to the needs of landowners for privacy and care of their property.